Requirements of the Registered Testing Pool

Whereabouts during the Games

Whereabouts are information provided by a limited number of top elite athletes about their location. Information is provided in the form of quarterly filings as per the requirements of the Anti-Doping Organisation requesting the information.

Whereabouts information is uploaded onto a secure platform called ADAMS. The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) is a management tool for data entry, storage, sharing, and reporting designed to assist stakeholders and WADA in their anti-doping operations. ADAMS can only be accessed by the authorised person acting on behalf of the Anti-Doping Organisations with authority to conduct out-of-competition testing.

Athletes in a National or Registered Testing Pool must make sure that their whereabouts information is up-to-date during The World Games. Information to include is as follows:

• Accommodation information including hotel name, address and room number or block and room number within The World Games Athletes’ Village

• Competition venue and time of training

• If an athlete is included in a Registered Testing Pool (RTP), they must continue to provide a 60-minute time slot

Athlete Central

It is strongly recommended that all athletes who are subject to whereabouts submission requirements download and regularly use Athlete Central. Athlete Central is WADA’s mobile application which allows athletes to easily submit and update whereabouts information on a mobile device.

Missed Tests and Filing Failures

An athlete may receive a Missed Test if he/she is not available for testing during the 60-minute timeslot indicated in ADAMS. Three Whereabouts Failures (any combination of a Filing Failure and a Missed Test) occurring within a 12-month period will lead to an Anti-Doping Rule Violation and a potential two-year ban from sport.

It is important to note that under the Principle of Strict Liability, the athlete remains responsible for the information submitted, even if they have delegated this task to a member of their support team. A reminder that athletes must continue to submit whereabouts information during The World Games.