IWGA Members

Since its inaugural meeting in Seoul, Korea, IWGA membership has increased from 12 to currently 39 International Sports Federations (IFs).  

These federations govern all sports and disciplines participating in The World Games. The many sports are grouped into six sports clusters: Artistic and Dance Sports, Ball Sports, Martial Arts, Precision Sports, Strength Sports and Trend Sports.

See a list of all of the 39 International Sports Federations (IFs).

For more information about Membership, have a look at pp. 12-14 of the 40th Anniversary Brochure of the IWGA.

Membership Criteria

The IWGA sees the value of embracing outstanding global disciplines of Olympic International Federations to enhance the program of TWG.  

Only International Federations that are members of ARISF can become full members of the IWGA. Following the application, the IWGA Executive Committee will issue a recommendation whether the IF applying for membership provides added value to the program of TWG.  

Since 2014, IOC recognition has become a prerequisite for IFs to become a Member of the IWGA.  

Since 2020, Affiliate Status was introduced for full Members of ASOIF and AIOWF.  

Affiliate status is temporary, and only open to those Federations that are not a Member of the IWGA and feature on the programme of the next edition of The World Games or of other sport events that the IWGA organises.

To apply for IWGA membership, please fill in and send the complete Membership Application Form to the IWGA Office.

Honorary Members

The title of “Honorary Life Member” may be conferred by the ExCo on persons who, during their term of office or otherwise, have rendered long and distinguished service to the IWGA.

The IWGA has four living Honorary Members:

- Mr Roland Hilfiker (Honorary Life Member, since 2006)
- Ms Sue Harvey (Honorary Life Member, since 2011)
- Mr Ron Froehlich (Honorary Life President, since 2014)
- Mr Rinaldo Orlandi (Honorary Life Member, since 2014)