Strategy Paper

The IWGA Executive Committee (ExCo) that was elected in 2018 clearly defines five important priorities for developing this TWG Agenda to drive decision-making and further policy development:

  1. Secure the interests of our current members who seek to be part of a multi-sports event associated with the Olympic Movement, creating global exposure beyond their immediate own sport’s fans.
  2. Further develop the quality of TWG in terms of athlete, spectator, and host city experience.
  3. Further grow the global reach of TWG in terms of the global viewership reached and hence increase the commercial and media impact.
  4. Further sharpen the profile of TWG as some of our sports now also appear on the Olympic Programme and the profile hence has become less clear.
  5. Develop the IWGA into an organisation serving its members in the best possible way by offering one or two exclusive multi-sports events in close collaboration with its partners, in particular the International Olympic Committee.

The IWGA ExCo will implement the suggestions in this policy document by:

  1. Proposing changes to the IWGA Constitution to be adopted at the general meeting in 2020
  2. Implement changes in the Rules of The World Games
  3. Further developing agreements with other stakeholders, in particular the International Olympic Committee, GAISF, IPC and ANOC
  4. Making appropriate arrangements with the host city for the programme of TWG 2025 and future editions.

Click on the following link to read the whole IWGA Strategy Paper.