Athlete of November 2023

Congratulations to Candy Brière-Vetillard from France, IWGA Athlete of the Month for November 2023! The 20-year-old Frenchwoman won the gold medal in Tumbling at the FIG World Trampoline Championships in Birmingham, Great Britain in November. One day earlier she had won silver in the team competition. Her gold medal was her first ever in an individual discipline at a world championship. For France it was the first individual gold in this discipline in over 20 years.

But for Candy Brière-Vetillard, it was just her first gold at a world championship. At The World Games 2022, also in Birmingham, this time in Alabama, USA, she also jumped to the top of the podium. You can say that Birmingham is her favourite city, no matter where it is on the globe!

She had already caused a stir at the team final at the World Championship in Great Britain. Candy Brière-Vetillard matched her own Difficulty world record: she impressed the judges with a double flip and a double tuck. Such successes do not come by chance; the athlete from Le Mans in France trains for 15 hours a week.

Her first name "Candy" sometimes causes confusion on the international stage, she said in an interview. Her father named her after a character in a TV show. As a result, she has been announced as "Bonbon" Brière-Vetillard at some competitions in the past. Now, since the successes in the two Birminghams, everyone should be able to remember her real name.

And finally: It is probable, but not certain, that Candy Brière-Vetillard will be able to defend her title at The World Games 2025 in Chengdu, China. With her gold medal she secured a qualification spot for The World Games, but not for herself, only for her federation in France. It is the federation that will determine who will actually compete in China. But there should be no way around a world champion and The World Games champion in Tumbling.

As The World Games Athlete of the Month, Candy Brière-Vetillard will receive a diploma and a branded gift.

The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association, organised with the support of the International Olympic Committee. The World Games 2022 was held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 7-17 July 2022. 3,600 athletes from 34 sports and 100 countries took part in the Games. The 12th edition of The World Games will be held in Chengdu, CHN, 7-17 August 2025.

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